Facilitators Training

Facilitators play a major role at Sadaka-Reut, as the ones who are in direct and continuous contact with the youth. Our aim is to create a generation of facilitators who will adopt education as a tool for social change and for transforming attitudes and behavior of youth by challenging the existing narratives and discourses relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and acting to bring about the Sadaka-Reut vision of a shared, just society.

Since the inception of The Facilitators Training Program we have trained over a 100 facilitators in the Sadaka-Reut method who have gone on to work with over 5000 students.

 The Objectives:

To create a cadre of committed and professional Jewish and Palestinian facilitators motivated to enhance and carry out Sadaka-Reut’s activities. To spread the unique bi-national educational approach of Sadaka-Reut to a wider circle and to encourage its implementation in frameworks beyond Sadaka-Reut’s activities. To promote critical education as a social change tool for Jewish and Palestinian youth who experience the conflict in their daily lives.

The participants:

Sixteen Jewish and Palestinian young adults (ages 22 – 35) with interest, experience or training in the fields of educational work with youth, conflict group facilitation and youth group facilitation. The participants should share Sadaka-Reut educational goals of promoting bi-national partnership and encouraging youth activism towards the vision of shared, just society. Many graduates of the 2012 Facilitators Training Program will go on to work as facilitators for Sadaka-Reut’s various projects while others will continue their activism outside of the framework of Sadaka-Reut’s activities.


Eight instructional training

These days will give the theoretical basis that is vital to facilitators’ work in the field. This will include theories in group dynamics and conflict group dynamics, in the formation of identity among youth and tools for addressing the difficult challenges unique to the youth demographic. Training will be conducted by experienced Sadaka-Reut Program Coordinators as well as Senior Facilitators with years of experience working with bi-national youth groups.


This portion of the training will include more practical learning that will be achieved in 2 main ways: First by observing youth workshops run by experienced facilitators and then analyzing and critiquing the session. Then the trainees will facilitate their own youth workshop in one of Sadaka-Reut’s various projects. These workshops will be observed by a coordinator who will provide detailed feedback to the trainee.

International Training

Sadaka-Reut will make the effort to initiate cooperation with different organizations working in the field of conflict transformation around the world, sending Sadaka-Reut facilitator trainees to international exchanges to broaden and deepen their knowledge. In the past Sadaka-Reut facilitator trainees traveled to other conflict regions to study and work with NGOs doing similar work, for example in Chechnya, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Facilitators’ Toolkit

Over the years, Sadaka-Reut collected and developed expertise and valuable materials that make up an unprecedented professional toolkit. We possess dozens of short movies, photos exhibition, theater plays, internet blogs, video clips, flyers and posters which we plan to collect in the form of a CD to be presented to the trainees for their professional use. 

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