We would like to thank all of the organizations and individuals around the world who make the work of Sadaka-Reut possible. With their generous support, we are able to empower youth to become leaders in their communities, making shared society a reality in Israel: 

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The Anne Frank Foundation, Switzerland

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Bread For The World, Germany

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CCFD, France


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Children of Peace, UK

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Church of Scotland, Scotland

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Children’s Relief Bethlehem, Switzerland

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Finn Church Aid, FInland

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Kerk In Actie- ICCO, Holland

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Levi Lassen Foundation, Holland

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Misereor, Germany

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RLF, Germany

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Secours Catholique, France

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Sivmo, Holland

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The New Israel Fund
[Israel, UK, USA]

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The British Shalom Salaam Trust, UK

European Union Peacebuilding Initiative

Engaging, empowering and equipping diverse and marginalised youth and amplifying their voices for peace.

This project is funded by the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Sadaka-Reut and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Individuals and Private Donors:

Christelijke Basisbeweging vzw, Belgium

Margaret and Rudolph Plaut

Franklin&Marshall College Hillel, USA

Prof. Pamela Brubaker

L.W. and J.C. Vielbig

Susannah Nachenberg

Robert Craig and Beverly W. Silsbee

Ms Gundhilde Pense and Arnstadt Gymnasium, Germany

Diaconie Kerk van Peize, Holland

Churches of Markgraeflerland, Germany

Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Hagen, Germany

Scouts Rötteln Peacelight Service, Germany

Mr Xaver Imbach, Switzerland

Mr & Mrs Kistler and Mr Etai Paldi, Germany

Ms Sandra Jacobs, UK

Ms Shiri Ritbou, Israel

Ms Karen Wilk Klien, USA

Wim & Mieke van Ee, Holland