Sadaka-Reut was founded in 1983 by a group of Jewish and Arab students in direct reaction to the growing influence in Israeli society of nationalist and racist groups. Still the only joint Jewish-Arab youth movement in Israel today, it has been active ever since in the struggle to create a civil society based on equality, multiculturalism, and human and civil rights. In 1993, Sadaka-Reut was registered as a Non Profit Organization, expanded its activity and set the foundations for Sadaka’s working structure today through its weekly learning and action youth workshops and its intensive leadership training program.

Nearly two decades on, (we are one of the oldest organizations working for partnership in Israel), we are proud to say that Sadaka Reut has greatly expanded its activities. Besides continuing, and developing, the organization’s flagship projects, we are also active in schools, providing tolerance education workshops, and have since created the ‘Markaz’ – the Center for Arab-Jewish youth activism in Jaffa. Besides these, hundreds of different projects have been initiated according to our goals and our aims of supporting the local community and training new leaders for social change. Today, our members come from all over the country, as well as from different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, whilst many of our graduates hold key positions in other civil society organizations or continue to work within Sadaka Reut as youth leaders, educational directors and program directors.

Since 2000…

• 40 young adults have graduated from the only Arab-Jewish leadership training program – an intensive year of joint living/work/enrichment/training

• Over 1,000 youth have participated in the framework of our ‘groups’ project

• Since the beginning of the Towards a Common Future project (tolerance education workshops within schools) in 2004, we have worked with over 3,000 students in 15 Arab and Jewish high schools

• In 2006, we established a youth community center in the city of Jaffa – the ‘Markaz’

• We have initiated and implemented over 6 nationwide summer youth campaigns