Meet alumni from our programs

Sadaka-Reut’s Graduates – Agents of Change 

Marking 30 years of Sadaka-Reut’s activity is a great opportunity to stop and ask where we are and what we have achieved thus far.

Over the years Sadaka-Reut has strived to promote an equal, shared and just society for Palestinians and Jews. We swam against the current, and have educated youth to voice their opinions, take responsibility and act for social change.

Numerous changes have occurred in the organization and in the relations between Jews and Palestinians during the past 30 years; nonetheless, in essence, Sadaka-Reut has been and still is today an organization that educates Jewish and Palestinian youth to be political activists.

A research recently published by Dr. Keren Ross from the University of Indiana found that Sadaka-Reut’s graduates over the past 30 years demonstrate a critical perception about the Israeli society, with two-thirds of them actively involved in initiatives that aim to change the Israeli society, namely through promoting equality for Palestinian citizens and other minority groups.

We have chosen to devote the 30th anniversary to our graduates who are involved in initiatives, movements, organizations and political parties that are committed to promote social change in the spirit of Sadaka-Reut’s vision.

This page tells the stories of some of our graduates, the initiatives they are involved in and the linkages they found between their participation in Sadaka-Reut and their activism today.