Staff (old)

Sadaka Reut has only been successful as it has been in recent years, and will only continue to be so in the future, due to the extraordinary efforts of those people behind the movement. The whole structure of our organization is built on a spread of balanced personnel in terms of nationality, religion, ethnicity and gender. In addition, ours is a democratic organization with all board members and committees chosen during Sadaka Reut’s yearly General Assembly.

Hana Amouri Co-Executive Director

Hana has been acting as the general-director of Sadaka Reut since June 2010, in what was a natural continuation of her activism and long term involvement in the organization. Ever since 2003 she has been part of the educational team of Sadaka-Reut, facilitating in the Building a Culture of Peace project. She later went on to volunteer in Sadaka Reut’s board of directors, where she acted as the CEO between 2005-2008. In 2008 she joined the organizations staff, and coordinated the Merkaz and Community in Action projects. Hana has been engaged in activism since an early age. In university, she joined the Du-Si’ach-Hiwar movement, a Palestinian-Jewish student activism group. In addition she was one of the founders of the Popular Committee in Jaffa, challenging house demolitions and tackling housing rights. As part of her social political involvement Hana is a business consultant to women looking to develop business to improve their financial situation. Hana completed her BAwith excellence in accounting, management and economics from Tel Aviv University, and is a licensed accountant.

Adi Maoz  –  Co-Executive Director

Adi is the co-Executive Director of Sadaka-Reut Arab-Jewish Youth Partnership. She is also currently completing her MA in Intercultural Conflict Management in Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences (Berlin), working on a thesis on the topic of the struggle for recognition of the unrecognized villages in the Negev/Naqab region in Israel. In addition to her background in education and decade of work with Sadaka-Reut, Adi has likewise worked for years in the field of social activism in various other organizations such as “Peace Now,” “Breaking Barriers” and “Windows-Channel for Communication.” As co-Executive Director of Sadaka-Reut, Adi is responsible for overall program implementation, including the planning, organizing and evaluation of the various projects.

Mouna Tourk – Office Manager

Mouna Tourk was born in 1987 and was raised in Jaffa where she currently resides. Mouna speaks 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Hebrew of course Arabic – her mother tongue.  Mouna is in charge of all logistic and administrative aspects of Sadaka Reut’s organization and has a welcoming smile for everyone. Mouna is the proud mother of Bilal, an energetic and cute 4 year old boy.



Fatmeh Hliwah – Palestinian director of Community in Action progra

Fatmeh completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry from Tel Aviv University, and for the mean time she’s MA student in the Department of Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, she’s a social and political activist in yaffa  and a member in “ yaffa youth movement” which encourages the spirit of volunteerism among young people in yaffa . Recently  joined “Sadaka Reut “ as a coordinator of the project  “for a change”.




Yael Atia Jewish director of Community in Action program

Yael is currently completing her Bachelor degree in the departments of Philosophy and Hebrew Culture in Tel-aviv University. Yael takes part in different Political activities, among others the Public housing struggle of Tarabut and in other initiatives in the University. She works as a research assistant in the Minerva humanities center and participates in a research group that deals with the connections between knowledge, Academy, Politics and Government. Lately Yael joined Sadaka Reut and is the co-coordinator of  the ‘community in action’ Project.


Natalie Levy – Jewish program director of Building a Culture of Peace

Natalie was born and raised in Jaffa, one of Israel’s mixed cities, an experience which influenced significantly her educational and occupational choices. She has worked in the field of conflict resolution, community development and education for the past decade in a variety of non-profit organizations and was involved in creating new initiative aiming to learn from the experiences of other conflict areas in the world. Natalie received her B.A and Teaching Certificate in the field of social sciences from Tel Aviv University, and recently finished her M.A degree in Sociology, after writing a thesis focusing on segregation and integration in Jaffa’s education system. She has been an active member of Sadaka-Reut educational team since 2004.

Rawan Bisharat – Palestinian program director of Building a Culture of Peace

Rawan has completed a BA in education and sociology & anthropology in the University of Haifa in 2006, group facilitation in Oranim College in 2009 in addition to debating coach from the Blumfield University in the USA in 2009. She joined Sadaka Reut in 2010. Rawan started as a social activists in the ‘open apartments’ project in Haifa, in which she worked and lived in a mixed community in the city. The main focus of her work was with children and youth and in project development for the community. Following this she worked as the coordinator of a project in which youth act as young facilitators as part of the Haifa municipality, after which she continued to coordinate the educational project in the Arab Association for Human Rights in Nazareth. Rawan has been volunteering in the past 8 years in an organization against violence of women in their hotline, and facilitates workshops targeted to raise awareness on equality between men and women.

Yael Tsabari Co-Coordinator of the “Gemini” project

Yael has been facilitating groups for the last ten years in a range of issues focusing especially on the topic of democracy and peace. She has studied both visual Theater & Language philosophy and believes in the connection of those two. “Social space is a social product… the space thus produced also serves as a tool of thought and of action … in addition to being a means of production it is also a means of control, and hence of domination, of power.”   Henri Lefebvre


Rajaa Natour – Co-Coordinator of the “Gemini” project

Born in Qlansawa village, Rajaa joined Sadaka- Reut staff recently as a Co-coordinator of the “Gemini” project. Rajaa’s professional background in the peace building arena includes conflict resolution with Israeli – Palestinian youth and coordinating multi-cultural programs with several NGOs in and outside Israel. Rajaa also writes about social and political issues in the ME focusing on women issues. Upon her return from the UK, after completing a graduate degree in “The Arts Conflict Resolution”, Rajaa has decided that active grassroots peace-building approach, is what she desires now. Sadaka – Reut  in this case, was one of the few NGOs which met  with her passion to be involved in a real activist organization committed to peace and action trough  meaningful interaction and equal partnership.


Maya Reggev, Monitoring & Evaluation and Resource Development Coordinator

Maya, originally from Jerusalem, lived and worked in the UK and Malawi in international development organisations before returning to Israel recently. With an undergraduate degree in Information Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, she focuses on transforming data and information into organizational knowledge.



Lior Kadish – “From Margins to Mainstream” – Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Together with her work at Sadaka Reut, Lior is involved in a research aiming to advance gender equality at The Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS) at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Previously she worked in the education department of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI). Lior completed her M.A. degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University.