Members of the Board

We are pleased to present Sadaka-Reut’s distinguished Board members and internal audit committee members:


Rawan Bisharat heads the “Mixed Cities Jaffa Committe” at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College. Rawan is the former Co-Executive Director of Sadaka Reut – Arab Jewish Youth Partnership. For the past decade, she has been active in various civil society organizations and movements in Jaffa, and she serves as a Board member for “Beit System Ali” and “Zazim in the Community.” Rawan has extensive experience in the facilitation of dialogue and women’s empowerment groups and provides freelance facilitations services to various groups and organizations.

Becca Strober joined the Board of Sadaka Reut in 2019 after being part of the staff in years prior. She holds a Masters Degree in Political Communication from Tel Aviv University. Today Becca is the Director of Education at Breaking the Silence NGO. She specializes in political education and has worked as a Volunteer Educator with Hoshen, a Facilitator and Tour Guide for political tours in South Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and an International Relations Coordinator at Gisha.

Agbaria Ibrahim, is a father of three children and a resident of Jaffa. Ibrahim is an independent social worker that specializes in the fields of family, men and fathers. Ibrahim has been involved in political and social struggles for many years and works for a shared society that is based on justice and equality. Ibrahim joined the Sadaka Reut Board in 2017. He facilitates dialogue and conflict groups in various settings.

Lee Aldar worked at Sadaka-Reut for three years, first as a facilitator and then as a Monitoring & Evaluation and Resource Development Coordinator. Today, Lee investigates processes and psychosocial phenomena in the context of intergroup conflict as part of her doctoral dissertation at the Hebrew University and as part of her role as coordinator of applied research at aChord Center. In addition, she is a co-founder and member of the steering committee of Midreshet Dror.

George Khour has been involved with Sadaka-Reut since 2018, first as a member of the Audit Committee and now as a member of the Board. His involvement comes from his belief in the importance of raising political awareness among youth and of partnership between Arab and Jewish societies. He is an Artificial Intelligence Researcher in the research laboratories of IBM, a doctoral student in neuroscience, and a lecturer in Computational Learning at the University of Haifa and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.

Ohad Amar is a member of Sadaka-Reut’s Board since 2020. Ohad lives in Jaffa, and is a social activist and a community lawyer. Ohad is active in different social-communal settings, has founded several socio-political groups and organizations, and leads several initiatives for social change. Ohad is an active member in the community in Jaffa, a former Board member of “System Ali” (an organization for music education between Jews and Arabs), and a board member of “Shovrot Kirot” (Breaking Walls)”, a civic-feminist movement.

:Internal Audit Committee

Yuval Avraham lives in Jerusalem. Yuval is a journalist in “Local Call” (Sikha Mekomit) and is a founder of the journalistic project “We Beyond the Wall;” a platform set up together with Palestinian journalists from Gaza which works to oppose the siege on Gaza by translating Palestinian voices and creating media coverage of the Gaza Strip in Hebrew.