Rahada Shbeta Arafat

Rahada Shbeta Arafat

Co-Executive Director

Rahada graduated from “Wahat Al Salam” School of Peace’s Group Facilitation Course in 2011 and has been facilitating Political Conflict groups ever since. Rahada has a B. A at social science with an emphasis on education: learning disabilities.

I was born in the city of Tira to a refugee family that came from the town of Miskè in 1948. I lived in Tira until I was 22 years old, and then moved in with my husband in Lod. Lod is a Palestinian city that was forced to become a mixed city, with its Palestinian identity and history being continuously denied. The transition to Lod pushed me to look for ways to survive, persist, and keep going, and to begin trying to create a different future.

My political activity before moving to Lod was through the Communist Youth Movement. When I moved to Lod I understood that the awareness to one’s Palestinian personal and collective identity was crucial. I understood how important it was to keep this identity safe from any erasure and oppression attempts. I believe this essential awareness will arise through the facilitation of dialogue groups and personal experience.

I am a mother of three boys, and my dream is that they will have a safe and fair future. I joined Sadaka-Reut out of the belief that this is an organization that will create a better future for generations to come.