Ibrahim Taha

Ibrahim Taha

Co-Executive Director

Ibrahim Taha joined the Sadaka-Reut team on September 2020 as Co-Executive Director. Ibrahim started his way in Sadaka-Reut as a facilitator in the Building a Culture of Peace project. Later, he became a social worker and joined the Women Against Violence Organization, where he worked as a group facilitator as part of a project to raise awareness around sexual violence and harassment, as well coordinated the organization’s work with youth for three years.

He also took part in an inspiring humanitarian project, working with Syrian refugees in Greece for six months.

With an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Tel-Aviv University, Ibrahim is currently pursuing his master’s in Criminology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Ibrahim believes that working in a bi-national organization mandates the creation of an alternative, more just, narrative; one that departs from the dominant narrative. In order to do this, he believes, we must embody the alternative we aspire to by promoting socio-political change and pursuing a reality that gives room to all our differences through liberatory, critical, feminist, and queer dialogue. Only in this way can we arrive at a just solution and a shared future which will require us to make compromises but will also ensure none of us face discrimination, oppression, and exclusion.