DD Maoz

Monitoring & Evaluation and Resource Development Coordinator

DD joined Sadaka-Reut in November 2019, as the Resource Development and Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator.

DD graduated from Pomona College in 2018, with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. In her time at Pomona College, DD co-coordinated an educational off-campus program as part of the college’s Center for Community Partnerships, to enable youth to process and act within their socio-political context; established and facilitated forums and structures for creative development in the Center for Collaborative Creativity; and was involved with Feminist and anti-occupation activism on- and off-campus.

Since returning from the US, DD has sought a political home to operate within, and her seeking brought her to Sadaka-Reut. This since the organization aspires to build a partnership that is rooted in an acknowledgment (rather than dismissal) of our unjust political context, and sees youth as actors in understanding and shaping their reality.