Sadaka-Reut in the International Week of Solidarity in Paris

Sadaka-Reut in the International Week of Solidarity in Paris
February 26, 2015 sadaka reut

Our long term partner CCFD-Terre Solidaire has invited two Sadaka-Reut representatives to participate in the international week of solidarity in Ile-de-France region. We have chosen Alina Yakirevish and Huda Kundus, 20 years old graduates of our Community in Action program to participate on our behalf.

The theme of the week was “living together” – how people live together (or not) in Israel-Palestine and in France.

Huda and Alina participated in meetings with local associations working in mixed areas in Paris and its region and exchanged experiences, points of view, failure and success of “living together” in both societies. They gave lectures and conducted school workshops in the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the work of Sadaka-Reut.

Huda and Alina summarized this experience as an intense self-confidence booster. They were happy to present their thoughts and experiences in front of various audiences – a process that helped them formulate their perceptions. They felt proud of themselves and of Sadka-Reut and said this trip strengthened their bond with Sadaka-Reut and their belief in our work.
They were touched by the kindness of the volunteers of CCFD who organized this week, accompanied them everywhere, hosted them in their homes and took care of them – People of different ages and backgrounds so committed and motivated to make this week a success. They were also moved by the people in the audiences who chowed real interest in what they had to say and in their life stories. They were amazed how little the French and especially the Arab French knew about Israel Palestine and the conflict and understood why it is important for CCFD to organize such events.
We are thankful for CCFD for this opportunity and for their continuous efforts to support Sadaka-Reut in various ways.
Huda and Alina giving a lecture Alina Yakirevitsh Huda Kundus Alina and Huda conducting an workshop in a french school



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