A group of Jews and Palestinians have completed the facilitatores trainning of Sadaka Reut

A group of Jews and Palestinians have completed the facilitatores trainning of Sadaka Reut
June 16, 2013 sadaka reut

Sadaka Reut’s training course for facilitators finished at the end of May. Fifteen participants finished the course, which took place over four months, and received the knowledge and tools to implement Sadaka Reut’s political and educational approach. שome of them will continue in the organization as facilitators in the coming year, others will apply their skills and knowledge in other educational frameworks such as schools, youth movements, etc.

The uniqueness of the course comes from its combination of educational methods inspired by critical pedagogy and pedagogy of freedom, together with the viewing the facilitator as an activist that brings her world view and her political stances into the process of working with the group. So in addition to knowledge on how to direct the group, group formation, moderating a discussion and planning the workshops, the participants were trained on tools for guiding the activism of youth and promoting intervention in the context of our current reality, as well as taking a position within the group.

In the experience of one of the participants, “In one of the meetings, the facilitator asked to teach games, her goal was to open up a discussion about the relationship between minorities and majorities in society in the question of rights and responsibilities. As part of the game, the minority group had to give up their chairs. The facilitator explained to the group that this was a simulation and it was one of the games that she used with youth, and that every time she had run the activity, everyone cooperated and gave up their chairs. In the activity I saw an amazing moment in which the group became active and developed political awareness. In my opinion rebellion and resistance, transitions political learning to political action and activism, which is often in the form of resistance to the establishment.”

A summary of one of the participants, “In the course I acquired the tools for understanding youth and for working with them. I acquired skills that help me to understanding the power relations in society and how to deal with them. I learned in great depth about societal background of participants from marginalized communities and the professional tools for facilitating groups.

The staff facilitators and coordinators of the projects wish the alumni of the course luck and thank them for their participation and for the opportunity, that allowed us once again to relearn and think about the educational and political world view of Sadaka Reut.