The right of housing for residents of Jaffa

The right of housing for residents of Jaffa
May 19, 2013 sadaka reut

“We must fight this crime. We should fight against the policy of expelling residents of Jaffa and Southern neighborhoods from their homes.If you do not participate the struggle for “the right of housing for residents of Jaffa ” and stop the gentrification , we will be a partners in this crime.

Join the struggle

This cry that went out by “for change” group in the last week when they launched the video  of housing awareness campaignRecently we witness for many change features of Ajami  neighborhood in jaffa .Since the advent of new residents who are changing the natives through the expropriation of lands without any alternative solution for the old residents.

Before 1948 jaffa contained between 100000 to 120000 people , in 1949 the numbers turned to be between 3000 to 4000 people. Today jaffa contains 20000 palestinian residents from within 55000 general residents. Samira judge, 42 years, in 1999she married Sami and moved to live in the house of his mother in the Ajami neighborhood. After Samira’s mother in low died Sami and Samira continued  live in the house that follows the housing company Hallamish , but today the state does not recognize them as a legal residents in their own house and therefore the battle to keep their home is still continuing.