The Facilitators’ Training Course

The Facilitators’ Training Course
April 28, 2013 sadaka reut

The Facilitators’ Training Course has begun and is set to train Jewish and Palestinian facilitators to work with youth according to the pedagogical framework that has been developed in Sadaka Reut for the past 30 years. This program seeks to develop a generation of professional facilitators who use political education as a tool for creating social change.

Sadaka Reut’s pedagogy takes a unique approach to group dynamics, reality analysis and activism within that same reality. This process creates changes in perspectives and behavior among the youth and helps steer them to advocate for a bi-national civil, social and political partnership.

The course has 18 Palestinian and Jewish participants. Ella, a Jewish participant, said, “I’ve taken so much even from our first meeting, and as the course is moving along, I am implementing the things I learn in my work as an educator at a school”

Rula, a Palestinian participant, said, “I have been participating in this course for about half a year and now I truly understand the importance of my participation, I am learning a lot in every single one of our meetings and feel like I’m gaining a toolkit of skills that comes out through my job with youth”.