Where is the Arabic?

Where is the Arabic?
December 17, 2012 sadaka reut








In the late October, the members of “for a change” group got out with a campaign which asked “Where’s the Arabic ?!” the members of the group  through the project asked the Ministry of Transportation and the transportation companies : why didn’t they enter the Arabic language to bus stations in Tel Aviv-Jaffa area. The campaign included several steps, the first of these steps were stickers  written at them the question “where’s the Arabic?!”  also there was a page which explained the reasons for this campaign and what applications for those who made it for both the Jewish and Palestinians. As a continuation of this work the participants have left a petition:

We are, “for a change” group Sadaka-Reut, we demand to add the Arabic language to bus stations in Jaffa-tel aviv

There’s two official languages in this state, Arabic and Hebrew , there’s no sense that the dominant language in the area is Hebrew only.

We fight and struggling for the Arabic language, which disappear from public places.

We turn to the Transport Company “Dan” we want them to introduce the Arabic language for buses and stations and the public spaces .

Join us and signed the petition.