A year of activities Already passed in “community in action” project!

A year of activities Already passed in “community in action” project!
August 12, 2012 sadaka reut

The group of volunteers has completed its activity year. In a graduation event at the beginning of July, the volunteers shared their experiences from the activity and received diplomas and farewell gifts from the project’s facilitators and the CEOs of the organization.  Some have presented the findings from researches that were conducted by them, focusing on specific political issues in which they found special interest.

 in the course of the activity year the group created together an interactive photography exhibition called “Diablog”, exposing the reality of discrimination and neglect in the marginalized Harakevet neighborhood in Lod, produced two short films protesting against the policy of evacuation of the Palestinian community in in the old city of Acre, as well as organized several public events, themed with different political issues.

Furthermore the group members volunteered in five different youth-centers on a weekly base. They organized social activity for the youths, gave academic assistance and support and initiated and guided projects of photography and political enrichment with in the youth centers.

We wish our graduates, which completed an intensive and meaningful process of personal and political development, of experimenting in building Arab-Jewish partnership and an activist group, that the contacts and tools acquired by them in the course of the program will be of use to them in their future as activists committed to bi-national struggle for justice and true and full civil equality.