Vaccinate yourself against racism

Vaccinate yourself against racism
May 14, 2012 sadaka reut

Vaccinate yourself against racism with Sadaka Reut’s Youth groups

Sadaka Reut’s youth groups from Kufr Kasem, Kalansawa, Jaffa, Tel-Aviv and Netanya set out to their second youth seminar. The seminar, Held in Ramot Shapira near Jerusalem, focused on activism and on the ability of youth to work together in cooperation despite their differences.

In the first day of the seminar the Palestinian and Jewish participants were divided into three mixed groups and enjoyed an exciting Out Door Training activity in the nearby forest that included tight rope walking, relay races and many other field activities. In order to win the competition, each mixed group worked hard and practiced cooperation and trust building. Indeed, working in partnership is the only way to win.


Adi, a young Jewish participant commented on the ODT activities: “The things we went through in the forest really helped me to get to know the other participants that are not from my hometown and not from my nationality and contributed to team building”.

Later in the day, after the team building events personal and group identities were discussed in workshops among the youth. They conversed about the differences between them and similarities they share. Also, they analyzed why their diversity can strengthen their joint activity against racism.

The next day was dedicated to the discussion on activism. Each bi-national group presented its social-communal activity that they led in their hometown. For example, the Kalansawa group presented their activity “Kalanswa without Violence”- an event that was initiated by the group where more than 200 people attended. The event was intended to eradicate the violence from the city. Another group – “Ironi Alef from Tel-Aviv introduced their theatrical performance against chauvinism within Israeli culture that they held in different parts of Te-Aviv.

At noon, the students left for Jaffa to produce the campaign “Vaccination against Racism”, that was formulated in the previous seminar. During this campaign the students were dressed up as nurses and set up three different stations in Arab and Jewish neighborhoods. In each station they gave “vaccination shots” against racism along with bumper stickers that read “We are all Different- Sadaka-Reut Youth against Racism” and “No entry for Racism.” The youth “vaccinated” hundreds of by-passers and got them to sign a petition against racism.

Abdallah– a student from Kfar Kasem shared his experience from this campaign: “We were divided into groups and approached people, Jews and Arabs alike, on the streets. People were kind and even offered help. One Sheikh asked me with a hint of pessimism: ‘Do you really believe it would bring change?’ and I answered: ‘We must try no matter what. We have to take responsibility to stop racism.” Abdallah added: “I think this activity gave people hope”.

At the end of the second day the groups met in the park and had a concluding session to process the intense and experiential two-day period they shared. The next morning they called to find out when there will be another activity.

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