Sadaka Reut Summer Camp 2011

Sadaka Reut Summer Camp 2011
July 25, 2011 sadaka reut


Sadaka Reut’s Summer Camp of 2011 was one of a kind. Instead of a regular summer camp, a huge role-playing game took place, with the participation of 30 youths and 20 volunteers and staff members. The game began from the moment the youth arrived at the camp’s zone on Friday noon and ended with their departure on the eve of the day after.

Thirty members of Sadaka Reut’s youth groups gathered in Tabeetha School in Jaffa that agreed to host the camp. Every participant received a new identity that defined who he will be during the game. The identity card included personal identification details such as name, gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, dwelling place and also the personal “story” of the identity which also includes its political interests. The volunteers and staff members role played in their turn characters that were defined in advance, which included politicians, civil society organizations_MG_0506, the court, the security forces and the media.

The mission of the participants was to assemble in a large coalition of 80% of “the people” and to overthrow the existing government. As soon as the game began, the participants wandered around and acted inside the “fabricated” world according to the identity they had. The civil society organizations tried to gather “the people” and to convince the more people to their cause and demands. The law and secutiry forces acted to prevent riots and illegal gatherings. Numerous social and political situations were created during the game, that included negotiation attempts with the government and between one another, protest demonstrations, custodies and investigation by the security forces, legal procedures of citizens against the state and vice versa, and much more. All the participants gathered in the main hall every couple of hours to watch the improvised newscasts in which _MG_0517the events and progressions of the games were presented, alongside interviews with leaders and actual reports of the events in Israel.

After a long struggle, in which the main difficulty was to find the common interests of all the identities, the participants accomplished the mission. In 22:00 of Friday eve all of the participants “breached” together into the town square which was closed two hours before by the security forces, and held out a huge protest festival. As a result, the Prime Minister resigned and the people celebrated in a big party.

But the crowd didn’t waste time. The following morning all the participants gathered together, formed parties and started negotiating in regard to a constitution for the new government – the principles and constitutional laws which will be the basis of the righteous state of the future. At the end of a tough negotiation full of contradicting interest, the general assembly managed to accept 3 laws:192_8471
1. Full equality of the resources distribution in education and housing.
2. Recognition in the Right of Return of the refugees and rehabilitation of the injustice that was done to them.
3. Cancel of the privatization and return of the state resources and the means of production to the citizens.
During the concluding workshop the participants expressed their satisfaction from the unique experience. Some of them discussed about the difficulty of adopting an identity which is opposite than their own, but that this experience was challenging and fun. They raised tough questions that the game revealed them concerning the possibility joint protest and leading a true change.

We concluded the huge game in the beach together with ice cream, songs and a lot of joy.