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Our Projects

Community in Action

Community in Action is a joint Jewish and Palestinian leadership development project designed to address the acute shortage of committed and professionally trained young activists promoting social change in Israel.

Building a Culture of Peace

Building a Culture of Peace is a unique initiative designed to bring together Jewish and Palestinian youth for a long-term educational process. Along with enriching and fun activities, the program encourages the youth to address political and social issues that they encounter in their everyday life, in their community and outside, and to take action. Over the years, Building a Culture of Peace has reached over 5,000 youth across Israel.

Partners in Shaping Reality

Partners in Shaping Reality (Gemini) establishes groups of Jewish and Palestinian students engaging in dialogue and action across campuses. The program promotes a space for civic, political, and social discussions about the conflict and Jewish/Arab relations. The project takes place in areas where Jews and Palestinians come into daily contact with one another, and strives to cultivate the public sphere as a site for civic partnerships.

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About Us


Sadaka-Reut is a bi-national Palestinian and Jewish organisation that educates and empowers Jewish and Palestinian youth in Israel to pursue social and political change through bi-national partnership. Over the past 30 years, our grassroots dialogue and leadership development programs have been seeking to address the deep-seated injustices caused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and create a new generation of young activists promoting a shared society based on equality, solidarity, and justice.

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Educational Approach

Sadaka-Reut Arab-Jewish Youth Partnership educates and empowers Jewish and Palestinian Israeli youth and university students to pursue social and political change through bi-national partnership.

Our Staff

Sadaka-Reut has only been successful as it has been in recent years, and will only continue to be so in the future, due to the extraordinary efforts of those people behind the movement.

Our Board Members

We are pleased to present Sadaka-Reut’s Board member.

Our Graduates

Read About some of our graduates and the impact of their work on society.

Sadaka-Reut News

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Youth Activism

The production of social and political campaigns plays a vital role in all of Sadaka-Reut’s educational programs, instilling youth with confidence in their ability to be change-makers. Facilitators encourage youth to act locally to improve their community, yet to understand and connect these problems to the larger political picture, thereby combining the social and political in a strong and meaningful way. The participants in our programs initiate over 30 campaigns and activities every year, which reach thousands of people in the communities, in civil society organizations and through social networks on the internet.