Yigal Elhanan

Co-Coordinator of Building a Culture of Peace Project

Currently I am starting my work at Sadaka-Reut and i am looking forward to have a meaningful time of learning and social activity.
I was born and raised in Jerusalem, there I learned for the first time about the  many mechanisms of segregation and oppression which are imposed on the people of this country.In Jerusalem I have seen the violence and experienced the pain which are the inevitable results of this segregation.
Most of my political activity I did with the bereaved Palestinian- Israeli Family forum, where I have learned for the first time about the great strength that comes with joint Jewish-Palestinian education and human encounter.
Today I live in tel aviv and studying for my BA in Middle Eastern and General History. This I do with great hope to continue and discover times and situations that allowed a life of partnership and solidarity between those that we have grown used to see living apart.